Eli J. & Phyllis N. Segal Citizen Leadership Program

Upcoming Events

The Segal Program is proud to offer regular events and trainings for our Fellows and the larger Segal Network. Each event is a way for Fellows to discuss and prepare to take action around important issues, as well as a chance to connect with each other and our Founders and partners, as they move forward on their citizen leadership journey. Check out our recent events, as well.

Quarterly Racial Justice & Antiracism Learning Community Session: Gratitude Gathering

Thursday, December 15, 6:30-8pm ET, OR Friday, December 16, 12:30-2pm ET (With Emerald Anderson-Ford, 2 options, online) Flyer quotes" Gratitude Gathering" followed by subtext stating "entering and centering gratitude as the year closes with Emerald Anderson-Ford. Image of Emerald in a plaid yellow dress, with pink braids is to the right of the text..

From Emerald Anderson-Ford: "We are entering into the time of year where gratitude takes center stage in many of our lives. The two months of November and December hold many important and holy days of observation and celebration and we'd like to gather as a cohort to express our gratitude with and for one another. Please join us for a 'Gratitude Gathering,' where we will reflect on what gratitude means to each of us, the things in our lives that centers us in a mindframe of gratitude, and how we ensure that gratitude and joy are woven through our journey towards anti-racism and equity."

This gathering is a part of our ongoing Racial Justice and Antiracism Learning Community (RJAR LC) and is our fall quarterly RJAR LC gathering. Whether this is your first RJAR LC session, or you've come to many learning community events already, we welcome you to join us.

Register for Thursday, December 15th, 6:30-8pm ET 

Register for Friday, December 16th 12:30-2pm ET


Monthly RJAR LC Affinity/Caucus Group Gatherings

  • Black & African American Affinity Space: (meetings every third Tuesday of the month; contact Conveners Robyn Pratt or Le’Otis Boswell-Johnson, or Susie for more details)
  • "Robyn Pratt, a 2020 Segal Fellow, and Le’Otis Boswell Johnson, a 2018 Segal Fellow, co-lead the Segal Black and African American Affinity! As a member of the Black community, we welcome you to our Segal Fellowship Black and African American Affinity Space with open arms and hearts. This group was formed to build community, support each other, and discuss how our culture, background, and experiences can and should show up in our roles as well as inform and influence our work, in and out of the Segal Fellowship. We understand that some folks may be a part of the mixed race affinity space and we want to honor your black/aa identity, uplift your experience and background and invite you to join both this space and the mixed race space. You are welcome here.”
  • White Caucus Group: (monthly meeting times vary; contact Conveners Lila Givens or Chris Capron, or Susie for more details)
  • If you’re interested in helping convene another affinity group, please contact Susie. Affinity groups for our Latinx, APIDA, and Multiracial Fellows are still under development

Segal Program Racial Justice & Antiracism Learning Community

Please visit the Racial Justice & Antiracism Learning Community Page for more information.

We're excited to already have 30 Fellows signed up for our Segal Program Racial Justice & Antiracism Learning Community (RJAR LC). You can still join us and sign up


Segal Fellows and staff discussing systemic racism and police brutality


Regular Virtual Segal Gatherings

The Segal Program hosts events monthly, alternating between bi-monthly Segal Convenings with guest speakers from inside and outside of the Segal Network and bi-monthly Fellow-Led Features, where Fellows talk with other Fellows about an item (book, movie, article, blog, podcast, etc.) that they've created or that has inspired their thinking.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Fellows have met even more frequently to connect, reengage with the Program, and create support systems during difficult times. We will post upcoming informal Fellow chat times here, when there are multiple weeks without another convening scheduled. 

Meeting of the Summit Planning Committee

During our formal and informal chats, conversations have created space for dialogue around issues of racism at all levels (individual through systemic), police brutality, and the importance of antiracist work, as well as how recent and ongoing issues and events, including the rise in Anti-Asian Racism, the killings of Rayshard Brooks, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, are impacting our Fellows are the larger world.

To learn more about the ways the Segal Program has continued these efforts and conversations please see our anti-racism update page.