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Disability Day of Mourning

March 2024

A day to honor people with disabilities who were killed by their family members

Disability Day of Mourning display made by Ian Moura and Kaitlin Stober

A display constructed by the Heller School (Brandeis) Disability Working Group in honor of the Disability Day of Mourning, an annual commemoration of disabled people who have been murdered by family members or caregivers, was available during the month of March.

The Disability Day of Mourning takes place every year on March 1st. It is an annual event dedicated to remembering and honoring the lives of disabled people who have been murdered by their caregivers or family members (also called filicide). On this day, disability communities around the world hold vigils to reflect on lives lost and the continued violence that people with disabilities face. In addition to memorializing disabled victims of filicide, the Disability Day of Mourning is a day for reflecting on the social forces that facilitate the murder of disabled people, as well as for advocacy and commitment to change.

Announcing Robin Wilson-Beattie as the Carrie Buck Distinguished Fellow for 2024

January 2024

Carrie Buck Distinguished Fellowship 2024: Robin Wilson-Beattie

Accessing Reproductive Justice: Using Intersectional Self-, Systems, and Community Advocacy to Create Inclusive Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare and Expression - A conversation with Robin Wilson-Beattie

A conversation with Carrie Buck Distinguished Fellow Robin Wilson-Beattie and Rebecca Cokley will take place on March 7, 2024 at 5 p.m. ET. In-person and online.

Robin's groundbreaking insights into the intersection of disability, sexuality, healthcare, design, and identity have revolutionized sexual-health education.

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