Improving disabled people’s pregnancy experiences and outcomes through research, training, and education

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Upcoming Webinar: Disabled Parents in the NICUDisabled Parents in the NICU

On June 7, 2022 at noon, the National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities will present a webinar featuring two disabled parent panelists whose babies were born prematurely and admitted to the NICU.

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Black Maternal Health

Our research reveals that Black disabled women have worse pregnancy care and pregnancy outcomes than their white disabled peers.


Pregnancy Care Disparities

Deaf and hard-of-hearing women have distinct healthcare experiences during and after pregnancy, facing disparities in needs and outcomes.

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‘Do you have a man? Can you have sex?’

Disabled women have children at the same rate as nondisabled women, but Lurie Institute director Monika Mitra notes that "[t]he assumption is that a person cannot have a disability and take care of someone else."

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