National Center for Disability and Pregnancy Research

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Graphic: Quality care is not just for a few people.

Disabled mothers-to-be face indignity: ‘Do you have a man? Can you have sex?’

Disabled women have children at the same rate as nondisabled women, but Lurie director Monika Mitra notes, "[t]he assumption is that a person cannot have a disability and take care of someone else."

Graphic: It's time for medical education to become fully inclusive

Basic healthcare for people with disabilities should be the norm, not a specialty

Co-investigator Kara Ayers argues that inclusivity efforts in healthcare should include disability.

Graphic: Kara Ayers on proposed policy changes in Ohio

Ending ableist discrimination in Ohio

Disabled parents say their differences are being used against them in Ohio family courts. Kara Ayers weighed in on Ohio's Senate Bill 202.

Funding Announcement graphic for National Center for Disability and Pregnancy Research

The Lurie Institute to house a new research center focused on disability and pregnancy

The establishment of the National Center for Disability and Pregnancy Research (NCDPR) was supported by the receipt by the Lurie Institute for Disability Policy of a three-year grant from the Administration for Community Living's National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research. The grant will support Lurie's crucial research on disability and pregnancy, in particular, among disabled people of color.