National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities

Parenting Tips and Strategies from Parents with Disabilities

Adaptive Parenting Strategies and Equipment

Mothers with disabilities share the strategies they used to care for their children in this transcript of a Twitter chat.

Adaptive Parenting Strategies Used by Mothers with Physical Disabilities

Mothers with disabilities use a wide variety of adaptive strategies to make caring for their infants and toddlers easier, including home modifications, using or creating accessible baby-care equipment, accessing support and information, and getting support from other people. This brief, based on a qualitative study consisting of interviews with mothers with disabilities, summarizes some of these strategies.

Advocacy and Support Tips for Parents on the Autism Spectrum

Are you a parent on the autism spectrum? Here is a list of advocacy and support tips you can use to get support and fight for your rights as a parent.

Advice and Facts for Mothers and Expecting Mothers with Intellectual Disabilities

If you are a parent with an intellectual disability, you may need help to get the care and support you need. This guide shares tips you can use to get help and fight for your rights.

Advice for Prospective Mothers with Disabilities from Mothers with Disabilities

Mothers with disabilities offer useful pointers for prospective parents with disabilities in this Twitter chat.

Barriers and Facilitators to Motherhood with a Disability

Mothers with disabilities discuss what made parenting easier or more difficult in this Mother's Day Twitter chat.

Being Good Parents: A Guide for Parents with Intellectual Disabilities

Being Good Parents is a guide for parents with intellectual disabilities, based on the "Plain Facts" brochures by the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom.

Parenting with a Disability During COVID-19: Insights from the #COVIDDisParenting Twitter Chat

This information sheet includes first-hand perspectives from the #COVIDDisParenting Twitter Chat, during which parents with disabilities discussed the challenges, strategies, and strengths related to parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facilitators and Barriers to Breastfeeding Among Mothers with Physical Disabilities in the United States

This brief highlights the factors that contribute to breastfeeding rates and the implication for policy and practice.

Nighttime with a Newborn

Hear from a mother with a disability about tips to make nap time with a newborn a little bit easier.

Picking Up a Baby with One Arm

Learn how to pick up a baby with only one arm in this tutorial video.

Self-Advocacy Tips for Pregnant Women with Physical Disabilities

In this Twitter chat, mothers with disabilities talk about the resources and supports that help them raise their children.

Strengths and Benefits of Parenting with a Disability

Mothers with disabilities discuss the strengths and benefits of parenting with a disability in this Mother's Day Twitter chat.