National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities

Map of State Termination of Parental Rights Laws that Include Parental Disability

This is an interactive map showing the inclusion of parental disability as grounds for the termination of parental rights. Hover or tab to see status in each state of laws permitting the termination of parental rights by disability type. Click or press return to open a new page of detailed information.

Current US laws present nine combinations of disabilities that states allow as grounds for terminating parental rights. These are represented below on the map. In addition, some states have no laws allowing for parental disabilities as such to be grounds for terminating parental rights. These states are denoted by "None" on the map.

Abbreviations used for disability types:

  • IDD: intellectual/developmental disabilities
  • Psych: psychiatric/emotional disabilities
  • Physical/Sensory: physical/sensory disabilities
  • SUD: substance use disorder
  • Other: other disabilities

TPR Map Legend

(Map data current through October 1, 2022)