Opioid Policy Research Collaborative

Our Team

OPRC Leadership

Traci Green, Director, Opioid Policy Research Collaborative

Traci C. Green, PhD, MSc

Professor and Director, OPRC

781-736-2609 Heller-Brown 256
Gail Strickler, MMHS'94, PhD'07

Gail Strickler, MMHS'94, PhD'07

Scientist and Deputy Director, OPRC

781-736-3914 Heller-Brown 263
Andrew Kolodny, MD

Andrew Kolodny, MD

Senior Scientist and Medical Director, OPRC

781-736-4542 Heller-Brown 261
Constance Horgan, Professor, Director of the Institute for Behavioral Health

Constance Horgan, ScD

Professor; Director, Institute for Behavioral Health; Co-director, Schneider Institutes for Health Policy and Research

781-736-3916 Heller-Brown 257
Meelee Kim, PhD'19

Meelee Kim, PhD'19

Senior Research Associate

781-736-3978 Heller-Brown 263
Peter Kreiner

Peter Kreiner, PhD

Senior Scientist

781-736-3945 Heller-Brown 250
Sharon Reif, Senior Scientist and Lecturer

Sharon Reif, PhD'02

Professor and Deputy Director, Institute for Behavioral Health

781-736-3924 Heller-Brown 259
Cindy Thomas, PhD'00, Professor and Associate Dean for Research

Cindy Thomas, PhD'00

Professor and Associate Dean for Research

781-736-3921 Schneider 216

OPRC Staff

Derek Bolivar, Research Assistant

Derek Bolivar

Research Associate

781-736-7722 Heller-Brown 250
Neika Christalin, Research Assistant

Neika Christalin, BS

Research Assistant

TBD Heller-Brown 273
Thomas Clark

Thomas Clark, BA

Senior Research Associate

781-736-3970 Heller-Brown 253
Gail Hall

Gail Hall

Senior Department Coordinator

781-736-3812 Heller-Brown 276
Cole Jarczyk, Research Assistant

Cole Jarczyk, BA

Research Assistant

781-736-7721 Heller-Brown 271
Becca Olson, Research Associate, Project Manager

Rebecca (Becca) Olson, MPH

Research Associate, Project Manager

781-736-3831 Heller-Brown 273
Joe Silcox

Joe Silcox, MA

Research Associate, Project Manager

781-736-2607 Heller-Brown 250

Affiliated Staff

Rachel S. Adams, PhD'13, Scientist

Rachel S. Adams, PhD'13

Senior Scientist

781-736-4839 Heller-Brown 247
Mary Brolin, PhD'05, Scientist and Lecturer

Mary Brolin, PhD'05

Senior Scientist and Lecturer

781-736-5737 Heller-Brown 254
Dominic Hodgkin, Professor

Dominic Hodgkin, PhD


781-736-8551 Heller-Brown 264
Mary Jo Larson, PhD'92

Mary Jo Larson, PhD'92

Senior Scientist and Lecturer

781-736-3834 Heller-Brown 251
Lee Panas, Senior Programmer and Lecturer

Lee Panas, MS

Senior Programmer and Lecturer

781-736-3943 Heller-Brown 270
Maureen Stewart, PhD'09, Scientist and Lecturer

Maureen Stewart, PhD'09

Senior Scientist and Lecturer

781-736-3717 Heller-Brown 262