Opioid Policy Research Collaborative


Traci Green, Principal Investigator

Becca Olson, Research Associate II, Project Manager

Cole Jarczyk, Research Associate/Analytical Chemist

Sharon Lincoln, Research Assistant

Harm Reduction Advisory Group

Kristin Doneksi, Maine Access Points

Mary Wheeler, Healthy Streets

Kim Powers, ACCESS Hope

Allyson Pinkhover, Brockton Neighborhood Health Center

Sarah Mackin, Clare Schmidt, AHOPE

Abby Coulter, Louise Vincent, North Carolina Survivors Union

Research Collaborators

Dr. Nabarun Dasgupta, MPH, PhD

Mary Figgatt, MPH, PhD candidate University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Contact Us

For more info or to demo the STREETCHECK app, please contact beccaolson@brandeis.edu 

A companion website provides password-protected and secured access for participating programs to see the same data as in the app, and will house publicly available summaries and interactive tools to explore trends.