Opioid Policy Research Collaborative

Street Narcotics Updates and Alerts

These documents communicate about changes to the drug supply that are relevant to public health and public safety. These documents are designed to inform members of the public safety community. Street Narcotics Updates communicate about substances found in the drug supply that are new, changing, or unusual and deemed of public health importance. Street Narcotics Alerts communicate about substances found in the drug supply that have concerning negative health impacts and how to reduce them. 

Responding to Crack and Methamphetamine (September 2023)

Methamphetamine  (August 2022)

Xylazine Update (July 2022)

Synthetic Cannabinoid “ADB-BUTINACA” aka “ADB-BINACA” Detected in Dope/Heroin/Fentanyl (September 2021)

4-fluorofentanyl & Despropionyl 4-fluorofentanyl in Fentanyl/Heroin/Dope (September 2021)

Fluorofentanyl Alert Roll Call Video (September 2021)

Counterfeit Benzodiazepines (June 2021)

Xylazine and Phenacetin (March 2021)

Synthetic Cannabinoid Update Roll Call Video (March 2021)

Synthetic Cannabinoid as Heroin (February 2021)

Wellbutrin as Crack (July 2020)

Wellbutrin Roll Call Video (Medical Toxicologist Version) (July 2020)

Wellbutrin Update Roll Call Video (July 2020)