Schneider Institutes for Health Policy and Research

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Institute on Healthcare Systems

The Institute on Healthcare Systems (IHS) is dedicated to bringing greater knowledge to both private and public policymakers through state and national forums, short-term policy studies and research. Our broad expertise in payment options, delivery systems, patient care practices and quality allow us to develop real-world solutions, particularly for vulnerable populations.
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Institute for Behavioral Health

The Institute for Behavioral Health (IBH) focuses on the intersection of health, behavior and systems of care, with an emphasis on their links. Its underlying premise is that these systems can be better used to promote healthier lifestyles and assist individuals to engage in behaviors which lead to better health.
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Institute for Global Health and Development

The Institute for Global Health and Development (IGHD) seeks to bring the best research to leaders and policy makers to achieve results at scale with a focus on the poor and social justice. IGHD does direct government advising, policy-relevant research and evaluation, and advocacy to impact policymaking in partnership with like-minded institutions in the U.S., the international community and the developing world.

Welcome from Co-Directors
Stuart H. Altman and Constance M. Horgan

Welcome. Founded in 1978 as one of the first U.S. academically-based health care research centers, the Schneider Institutes for Health Policy and Research (SIHPR) expanded from a sole focus on federal health policy to a broader portfolio that includes global as well as state- and community-based issues. SIHPR was established by Stuart Altman in collaboration with Stanley Wallack, both of whom had recently come to the Heller School at Brandeis University after serving in senior federal health policy positions. The overarching goal of the Institutes today is to conduct policy-focused research and to develop policy recommendations where appropriate to address major health and behavioral health issues in the U.S. and internationally.

Our core strength is the collaboration of our three institutes: the Institute for Behavioral Health, the Institute on Healthcare Systems, and the Institute for Global Health and Development. Our researchers not only dissect difficult problems — they build solutions. The health care system is dynamic and our success over the past 35-plus years is tied to our commitment to high-quality research and analysis that has an impact. A distinguishing characteristic that weaves across all three Institutes is the desire to be an active participant in the implementation of policy solutions. Finally, being situated in one of the country's leading universities, we are strongly committed to objective research and the dissemination of our findings — work that helps bridge research and practice.