Institute for Economic and Racial Equity

IERE Racial Equity Fellows and Interns

2022 IERE Racial Equity Fellows

This summer, IERE welcomed its inaugural class of Racial Equity Fellows. Habiba Braimah and Teresa Kroeger will be joining the IERE team this summer to continue their research. The 2022 IERE PhD Racial Equity Fellowship was open to current Heller PhDs in the Economic and Racial Equity concentration who successfully defended their dissertation proposals and whose work focuses on achieving racial equity. The Fellows and their dissertation projects are:

Teresa Kroeger

Teresa Kroeger

Gender Segregation and Earnings in the Federal Workforce

Teresa Kroeger is a doctoral candidate in the Economic and Racial Equity concentration at the Heller School. She researches the role of labor policies on social and economic inequality. Teresa’s dissertation explores gender earnings gaps and occupational segregation in the public sector. She leverages a unique federal personnel dataset to identify employment sorting patterns in the U.S. federal workforce, and the wage implications of those patterns, from 1973 to 2013. Her work analyzes the patterns of employment transitions into, out of, and within the federal workforce by gender and race. The research contributes to a comprehensive understanding of the federal workforce’s pay-setting mechanisms, occupational and agency segregation, pay equity, and spillover effects, with respect to gender and racial equity in the labor market.

Habiba Braimah

Habiba Braimah

Pursuing the Professoriate: Examining Faculty Hiring Processes at 4-Year Higher Education Institutions and its Impact on Black Women

Habiba Braimah is a doctoral candidate in the Economic and Racial Equity concentration at The Heller School for Social Policy and Management. Her research interest centers the recruitment and retention of faculty of color at predominantly white institutions. For her dissertation, Habiba examines the effects of gendered racism on the faculty job search process for Black women seeking tenure-track faculty positions. Her research is committed to understanding the depths of institutionalized gendered racism in higher education, and uncovering the ways colleges and universities can transform policies and practices in order to create a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive environment. Prior to her doctoral studies, Habiba served as a higher education practitioner at both public and private 4-year and 2-year institutions, working closely with students from underserved communities, and providing a range of financial, academic, professional, and personal support. Habiba received her MA in Higher & Postsecondary Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, and her BS in International Business & Marketing at SUNY Plattsburgh.

2021 IERE Interns

IERE also expanded its internship this summer, welcoming five Heller MPP candidates in the Economic and Racial Equity concentration. Interns are making valuable contributions to IERE’s research portfolio and gaining invaluable real-world research skills, including qualitative analysis, drafting interview protocols, academic writing, project management, and more. Our 2021 IERE Summer Fellows are:

Gerrit Boldt, MPP'22, IERE Intern

Gerrit Boldt, MPP‘22

MassUp/HEAL Winchendon

Ali Carney, MPP‘22

Pathways and Payoffs for Attainment Equity: A Racial Equity Analysis of Student Debt Burden and Postsecondary Education Pathways

Audrey Herrmann, MPP'22, IERE Intern

Audrey Herrmann, MPP‘22

HOPE Institute

Vandita Wilson, MPP'22, IERE Intern

Vandita Wilson, MBA, MPP‘22

Modeling Discriminatory Debt

Amelia Youngstrom, MPP'22, IERE Intern

Amelia Youngstrom, MPP‘22

Oak Foundation/Women’s Lunch Place Evaluation