Institute for Economic and Racial Equity

Housing and Communities

a simple vector illustration of a piggy bank in the shape of a houseStable communities are critical for families' well-being and their economic security. Central to stable communities are housing stability and the presence of high-quality, community-based resources such as public schools that provide the necessary foundation for families to build assets and participate fully in the nation's economy throughout their lives. IERE's work focuses on a range of housing and community assets, including projects on housing instability and homelessness, housing-based asset building initiatives, and the impact of the history of racial segregation on ongoing and entrenched inequality in accessing community resources. As policy proposals that will further privatize community resources loom on the horizon, IERE seeks to research new policies that would distribute opportunity more equitably, and to understand how we can leverage community power and assets to better protect families.

IERE research in Housing and Community Stability addresses many areas including homelessness, housing interventions, and asset-building initiatives integrated into housing programs.

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