Institute for Economic and Racial Equity


Maria Madison, Associate Dean, Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

Maria Madison

Director, Institute for Economic and Racial Equity, and Associate Dean for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

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Tatjana Meschede

Tatjana Meschede

Senior Scientist and Senior Lecturer, and Associate Director, Institute for Economic and Racial Equity

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Thomas Shapiro

Thomas Shapiro

David R. Pokross Professor of Law and Social Policy

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Janet Boguslaw

Senior Scientist and Senior Lecturer

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Jessica Santos, PhD'15

Jessica Harper Santos, PhD'15

Lecturer and Scientist

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Eungjung Jee

Research Associate

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Delia Kimbrel, PhD'18, Research Associate

Delia Kimbrel, PhD'18

Research Associate

Sylvia Stewart, MPP'18

Sylvia Stewart

Research Associate

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Kerry Harris, Program Administrator

Kerry Harris

Program Administrator