Institute for Economic and Racial Equity

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Faculty and Staff

Lisa Lynch, Maurice B. Hexter Professor of Social and Economic Policy and director, Institute for Economic and Racial Equity

Lisa Lynch

Director, Institute for Economic and Racial Equity; Maurice B. Hexter Professor of Social and Economic Policy,  PhD program Director
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Tatjana Meschede

Tatjana Meschede

Associate Director, Institute for Economic and Racial Equity; Senior Scientist; Senior Lecturer

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Sangeeta Tyagi

Associate Director of the Institute for Economic and Racial Equity;  Director, Center for Children and Communities, Senior Scientist, Lecturer, MBA and MPP Programs
Susie Flug-Silva, Segal Program Director

Susanna Flug-Silva

Segal Program Director; Segal Program Leadership Team; IERE
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Carmela Belizaire '20, MPP'22, Segal Program Assistant Director

Carmela Belizaire

Segal Program Assistant Director

Susan P. Curnan

Affiliated Research Faculty, Center for Youth and Communities and Institute for Economic and Racial Equity
Kerry Harris, Institute Program Administrator

Kerry Harris

IERE Program Administrator

Zora Haque

Research Associate

Matthew Hoover

Senior Research Associate
Sakshi Jain, Lecturer

Sakshi Jain



Lanni Isenberg

Senior Program Administrator for the Center for Youth and Communities and Executive Assistant to Susan P. Curnan

Eunjung Jee, Research Associate

Eunjung Jee

Research Associate

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Maria Madison, Interim Dean

Maria Madison

Interim Dean - Heller School
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Tauren Nelson

Research Associate

Anushka Patel

RJxTP Program Administrator
Alexandra Pineros-Shields, PhD'07

Alexandra Piñeros-Shields

Associate Professor of PracticeMaster in Public Policy Program Director  

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Linda Pololi

Distinguished Research Scientist
National Initiative on Gender, Culture and Leadership in Medicine: C-Change
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Thomas Shapiro

Thomas Shapiro

Research Professor

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Madeline Smith-Gibbs

Madeline Smith-Gibbs

Director of Development; Senior Research Associate

Sylvia Stewart, MPP'18

Sylvia Stewart

Director of Research Communications; Senior Research Associate

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Ezra Tefera

Ezra Tefera

Racial Justice x Tech Policy Project Program Administrator; Research Associate
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Marji Erickson Warfield

Senior Scientist and Lecturer, PhD and MPP Programs; Chair, MPP and Social Impact MBA concentrations in Child, Youth and Family Policy
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David Weil

Professor of Social and Economic Policy

Visiting Scholars

Cathy Burack

Visiting Research Scholar
Sara Chaganti, PhD'18

Sara Chaganti

Visiting Research Scholar

Renada Goldberg

Visiting Research Scholar

Della M. Hughes

Visiting Research Scholar

Alan Melchior

Visiting Research Scholar

Jamie Morgan

Visiting Research Scholar

Sarah Soroui

Visiting Research Scholar

Jessica Santos, PhD'15

Jessica Santos

Visiting Research Scholar

Graduate and Undergraduate Research Assistants

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Maria Fernanda Cabezas

Graduate Research Assistant

Ginny Chadwick

Graduate Research Assistance

Eva Bórquez

Graduate Research Assistant
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Dani Madan

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Vilma Uribe

Graduate Research Assistant