Institute for Economic and Racial Equity

Work and Opportunity Pathways

a simple vector illustration of a stack of books and a graduation capInclusive economies are built on policy packages, community norms, and institutional arrangements that enable families to build wealth through diverse channels. In the experience of most Americans, work continues to be a primary source of income and identity. Yet increasingly, families and communities are aware that work and wealth pathways that functioned for many in the past have shifted. Our research highlights specific patterns of exclusion and policies that shape opportunities for low-income families and communities of color to access quality jobs and build wealth. Our research focuses on understanding the factors that break down the work and wealth pathways in our economy, as well as investigating policies, practices, and multi-stakeholder relations that strengthen career and opportunity pathways.

IERE research in Work and Opportunity Pathways addresses many areas, including: workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion; career advancement and quality jobs; children’s savings accounts and access to higher education; the role of credit in accessing opportunity; the role of work in protecting housing stability; and occupational segregation.

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