Making Knowledge Productive

Established at the Heller School in 1983, the Center for Youth and Communities works to improve the quality of education, workforce development, and community systems in order to prepare young people for college, work, and life. By combining scholarly research and practical experience with an emphasis on young people whose supports and opportunities have been few, the Center’s work is guided by three strategies:

  • Use science-based research to improve the quality and impact of youth programs and policies.
  • Strengthen governance, leadership and management in philanthropy, the non-profit sector and socially responsible business.
  • Develop and using outcome-based planning and evaluation methods to deepen public understanding, strengthen and prove the efficacy of particular programs, and shape policies.


Susan P. Curnan, Op-Ed: "Time for an American Youth Congress?" MetroWest Daily News, February 14, 2021. 

Just imagine what an American Youth Congress could accomplish working hand in hand with our United States Congress and the White House leadership in 2021.

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