The Lurie Institute for Disability Policy

Participate in Our Research

At the Lurie Institute and our centers, we regularly have multiple research studies underway that are recruiting participants. Please see below for our current research studies that are seeking participants.

Looking for Disabled People of Color Who Are Self-Directing Their Services

Looking for Disabled People of Color Who Are Self-Directing Their Services

The Community Living Equity Center is recruiting participants for a study on self-direction and community living outcomes for people of color. Self-direction means people have options to make decisions about the type of services they get, when they get services, and who helps them. You may be eligible to partipate if: (a) you are a disabled person of color; (b) you self-direct your services; and (c) you are 18 years of age or older.

Seeking Participants for a Study of People with Disabilities Who Were Denied SSI or Who Didn't Apply for It

Challenges Accessing SSI for People with Disabilities

You may be eligible to participate in this study if you are part of one of the following three groups: (1) people who have not applied for SSI; (2) people who applied for SSI but were denied and did not appeal the decision; (3) SSI benefits counselors.

Seeking Participants for a Study of How Physical Disability and Race Combine to Affect Pregnancy

To Understand How Race and Disability Affect Pregnancy: Study Participants NeededBlack people and Latinxs/Latinas with physical disabilities have unique experiences during pregnancy. To learn about these unique experiences, we are conducting a research study.

Study on Barriers and Facilitators in Access to Home- and Community-Based Services for People of Color

Are You a Pregnant Person with a Disability Who Would Like Support Developing an Accessible Pregnancy Action Plan?

Our research team is working to develop a tool, which we call the Accessible Pregnancy Action Plan. This tool would help pregnant people with disabilities think about what they need during pregnancy, during birth, and after having their baby.