The Center for Global Development and Sustainability

GDS Fellowship Program

Announcing the Inaugural Bluestone Research Assistant Fellowships 2021-2022 for Heller Master's and PhD students

In line with the GDS mission to advance scholarship and applied research on problems of vulnerability in developing countries as well as in advanced economies, this inaugural round will award five fellowships each worth up to $3,000 in salary, conference support, and materials. Each Fellow will work under the supervision of a GDS Faculty Mentor.

Current research topics and Faculty Mentors (deadline to apply October 22, 2021):

  1. Livelihood Diversification and Household Resilience. Faculty Mentor: Professor Joseph Assan
  2. The Effects of COVID-19 on Working Mothers: Literature Review and Research Agenda Setting. Faculty Mentor: Professor Cristina Espinosa-Heywood
  3. Using Ethnographic Methods to Understand Mechanisms Behind Causal Effects of Randomized-controlled Trials in the Behavioral Sciences: Proof of Concept Proposal. Faculty Mentor: Professor Ricardo Godoy
  4. Evolution of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in the Aftermath of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Faculty Mentor: Professor Nader Habibi
  5. Building Resilient and Sustainable Communities in the San Andres Archipelago, Colombia. Faculty Mentor: Professor Emerita Marion Howard

For full research descriptions, see the GDS Bluestone Research Assistant Fellowships application page.

Applications and specific questions about a research project should be sent directly to the Faculty Mentor. Email addresses are within the full descriptions.

For general questions, contact Kaili Mauricio at