The Center for Global Development and Sustainability

Sustainable Livelihood and Food Security

A farmer in Cooch Behar, India, scatters ashes over a cultivated field to kill pests, an alternative to applying pesticides. © 2013 Sujan Sarkar, Courtesy of Photoshare

Activities on Sustainable Livelihood and Food Security address issues of food insecurity and recurrent hunger that exacerbate chronic poverty and deprivation in marginal societies. With many developing countries experiencing rural out-migration and decline in rural agricultural labor, food production and post-harvest storage have become critical issues of concern for many small farm households who form the bulk of food producers in most developing countries.

While the profitability of agricultural production by small farmers depends on the quantity, quality and returns from output, post-harvest losses directly undermine this measure of profitability and the sustainability of agriculture, particularly for small rural farm households. The program aims to initiate a post-harvest storage and management program by working with farmers’ cooperatives, CBOs, NGOs and research centers to adopt improved methods of storage for selected staple crops.