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CASTE: A Global Journal on Social Exclusion

Family. Mixed Media by Savi Sawarkar, New Delhi

J-CASTE advances peer-reviewed scholarship across disciplines into caste systems in South Asia and beyond and considers the marginalization and inter-generational oppression of religious, racial and cultural minorities throughout the world. J-CASTE assesses social policies meant to counter exclusion in multiple spheres and intolerance in multi-faith democracies. Our authors come from varying disciplines including philosophy and ethics, theology and culture, sociology and anthropology, economics, law, health, literature and art among others. We welcome critical reviews of our papers, as well as book and film reviews and commentaries.

J-CASTE is an Open Access Journal, in association with the Brandeis Library, which eliminates the financial barriers to read and publish peer-reviewed scholarship and provides for free subscriptions to individuals and libraries throughout the world.