The Center for Global Development and Sustainability

Program on Social Exclusion

Sitangkay Municipality is an undeveloped landless town in the province of Tawitawi, Philippines. © 2007 Requel Legaspino, Courtesy of Photoshare

The Program on Social Exclusion advances research and scholarship on the barriers that still block large groups from meaningful participation in economic growth in both developing and advanced economies. The Program examines societal influences that aid or constrain inclusive policies including attitudes toward race, ethnicity, caste and tribal identity, gender, sexual orientation and religious tradition, and promotes global dialogue to promote inclusion.

The program has initiated research and dialogue on how religion is both a powerful social force as well as an essential structure for giving meaning to the very idea of development and progress, and how it can be utilized and manipulated to consolidate a repressive status quo. Several working groups are underway in advancing original research through symposia and individual and group publications.