The Center for Global Development and Sustainability

Comparative Ethics, Rights and Development

Mangu Seikh, a member of the Hijra (transgender) community in Bhadrak, Odisha, India, operates a poultry business out of her home with the help of a loan from an NGO working with transgender people in the area. © 2011 Abhijit Chakraborty/AARSHI, Cour

This inquiry compares constitutional and legal traditions which impact the rights and freedoms of various minorities, such as tribal/indigenous peoples, religious minorities, peoples of alternative sexual orientations, racial and ethnic groups, and birth-based hierarchical categories that perpetuate and evolve various modalities of discrimination, social exclusion, marginalization, and oppression. By examining the ethical underpinnings of global development in comparative contexts, the initiative draws from Global South contexts of political, intellectual, and spiritual innovators that could challenge 20th century Western models of modernization and development.