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Inclusion of Black and Latina Parents With Physical Disabilities in a Qualitative Research Study: A Peer Researcher Training Model

by Jennifer Lee-Rambharose, Lauren D. Smith, Kim The, Willi Horner-Johnson, Linda Long-Bellil, Heather Watkins, Jennifer Senda, Nancy Garr-Colzie, Maria R. Palacios, and Monika Mitra

Compared to a small but growing community of Black and Latinx academic researchers with disabilities, there is little inclusion in the research process of non-academic community members with similar intersectional identities. Lurie Institute researchers conducted a qualitative study examining the pregnancy experiences of people from Black/Latinx communities who have physical disabilities that involved training four peer researchers to conduct interviews and analyze the data. This article describes the researchers' approach and suggests how it might offer a model for training peer researchers in qualitative research methodology.