Stuart Altman Honored in "Dining With the Stars" Awards Gala

October 11, 2017

Stuart Altman at the gala podium

On Tuesday, October 10, the Massachusetts Health Council (MHC) honored Stuart Altman in their annual "dining with the stars" gala event. The MHC describes the event as a sell-out affair, featuring a "who's-who" of prominent members of the health care community (press release here). Altman received a prolonged standing ovation from the audience when presented with his award. The event also featured a video address from Mass. Governor Charlie Baker, in which he lauded Stuart as, "an absolute pioneer in the field of health care...Your willingness to step up and take very complicated ideas and turn them into simple explanations that people can understand has been an enormous contribution to the health care conversation." 

Altman is the Sol C. Chaikin Professor of National Health Policy, a former dean of the Heller School and the current chair of the Massachusetts Health Policy Forum. He is a health economist with five decades of experience who has been recognized for his leadership in health care and health policy by Health Affairs, Modern Healthcare and others. Altman’s distinctive history in health care has also been featured in the Heller Magazine, in which he discusses the ever-changing and innovative Massachusetts health care landscape. 

Stuart Altman addressing the gala crowd from a stage

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