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Zinner Forum Reservations

The Zinner Forum is available to all University faculty, staff and students for casual or formal events. There are certain restrictions of its use since it is meant as Heller's primary gathering space.

To inquire about reserving the Zinner Forum, contact the Heller Events team with your completed Event Request Form. Heller students interested in reserving the forum should refer to the For Heller Students event planning page.

Zinner Forum Policies and Tips

  • Zinner podium instructions
  • Since the Zinner Forum is Heller's primary gathering space, events cannot be held prior to 6:00 pm during the week. This allows students to gather when there are no classes and also for less disruption during your event.
  • If a classroom is available and will fit your audience, that will be booked rather than the Zinner Forum.
  • When setting up for your event, store the existing red chairs, small tables and café tables near the library, not the hall near the classrooms.
  • If you need to use the podium, projector or microphone, contact Linda Purrini to unlock it for you. The Forum podium will remain locked when not in use.
  • Contact Media Technology Services (x6-4632) to reserve a lapel microphone or wireless microphone. Other microphones will not work in the Forum or may interfere with the programming.
  • A lapel microphone and wireless microphone cannot be used at the same time since they use the same frequency.
  • Balloons and candles are not permitted for events taking place in the Zinner Forum.
  • If you hang items or use any sort of tape, it must be removed from all surfaces immediately following your event.

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