The Heller School for Social Policy and Management

Knowledge Advancing Social Justice

You'll benefit from the expertise of a highly engaged faculty and a diverse student population. You'll tackle challenging courses on a range of topics such as economic theory,  innovative research methods and the principles of sustainable development. You'll possess a deep understanding of the root causes of society's most pressing issues, gain the analytic and management skills to design effective solutions and build the capacity to put your ideas into practice.

No matter which cause you're most committed to—ending poverty, improving health policy, protecting the environment, spurring community development, resolving conflict or protecting the rights of women, children and minorities—you'll have the broad knowledge and focused tools to better serve the communities you care deeply about and have a positive impact on society.

Heller graduate degree programs

Research faculty are a key part of the educational life of the Heller School. They teach courses in their areas of expertise, conduct research projects that offer opportunities for student employment and provide specialized mentoring to students who are preparing for their own careers.

Heller research institutes and centers

Schneider Institutes for Health Policy
The Schneider Institutes for Health Policy, one of the first U.S. academically-based healthcare research entities focused on Federal health policy, now has a global focus that ranges from national policy to community efforts, and conducts the research needed to answer major health policy issues. SIHP includes the Institute on Healthcare Systems, the Institute for Behavioral Health and the Institute for Global Health and Development.

Institute on Healthcare Systems
IHS is home to many innovations in healthcare research and policy, and is dedicated to providing rigorous technical solutions to policymakers and other stakeholders who are striving to improve quality, efficiency, and value.

Institute for Behavioral Health
IBH focuses on the intersection of health, behavior, and systems of care, with an emphasis on their linkages. Its underlying premise is that these systems can be better used to promote healthier lifestyles and assist individuals to engage in behaviors which lead to better health.

Institute for Global Health and Development
In collaboration with the Programs in Sustainable International Development, the IGHD provides new resources for faculty, researchers and students who share an interest in international health and development, and seeks to impact policy making by transferring and diffusing knowledge to those driving policy and implementing reform.

Institute on Assets and Social Policy
Dedicated to advancing economic opportunity, security and equity for individuals and families, particularly those left out of the economic mainstream.

Institute for Child, Youth and Family Policy
Engaging in both quantitative and qualitative research studies of children and families as well as the social policies that directly affect their well-being.

Center for Youth and Communities
Working to improve the quality of education, workforce development, and community systems in order to prepare young people for college, work, and life.

Lurie Institute for Disability Policy
Improving the lives of people with autism and other disabilities across the lifespan through innovative polices fostering inclusion into the mainstream, and the Nathan and Toby Starr Center on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, collaborates with individuals, families, providers and government officials on research and evaluation that advances inclusive disability programs and policies.

Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy
Draws upon research and practitioner experience to inform and advance social justice philanthropy and educate next-generation grant makers dedicated to creating a fair and inclusive society.

Center for Global Development and Sustainability
An interdisciplinary and multi-national group that advances scholarship and applied research on problems of vulnerability in both developing countries and advanced economies.

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