Students talking to one another.Today, our faculty, staff, students and alumni are making a difference on critical social issues, ranging from: health; mental health; substance abuse; children, youth, and families; aging; international and community development; developmental disabilities; philanthropy; and work and inequalities.

We are dedicated researchers, applying social, economic and political science to solve pressing domestic and global problems. We are also steadfast idealists, working toward a better world through the knowledge we generate, the leaders we educate and the communities we engage with globally. As Heller Dean David Weil explains, our motto, "Knowledge Advancing Social Justice," is more than words: we believe it's imperative to move our evidence-based ideas into action.


The Heller School drives positive social change through research, education and public engagement that inform policies and programs designed to address disparities in well-being and social inclusion in a sustainable way.

By the Numbers

Students (Fall 2016)

  • 7 core academic programs (1 PhD, 6 masters)
  • Total students: 514
  • Countries represented: 61
  • International students: 34 percent


There are more than 3,700 Heller alumni, with 81 percent living in the United States and 19 percent living abroad. Heller alumni hold positions in social policy and management all over the world, making a significant difference in their communities.

Faculty and Research Staff

  • 68 Faculty Members
  • 19 Visiting Scholars
  • 27 Scientists, Senior Scientists, Distinguished Scientists
  • 13 Professors Emeriti

Research Centers and Institutes (FY 2017)

  • 10 research centers and institutes
  • 90 active grants as of June 2017
  • $18.5 million of sponsored research from corporations, foundations, and agencies such as the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Department of Justice, the National Institutes of Health and the World Bank.

Financial Profile (FY 2017)

  • Total revenues: $34.2 million
  • Total expenses: $32.6 million
Heller community members listening to Professor Diana Bowser speaking in Zinner Forum.

Heller Publications

Cover of Fall 2017 Heller Social Policy Impact Report

Heller Social Policy Impact Report

The Heller Social Policy Impact Report represents the last six months of research produced at the Heller School. The wealth of information we generate is formidable, and it connotes our collective commitment to advancing social justice through social science.

Download an accessible PDF of the Impact Report

Cover of Winter 2017 Heller Magazine

Heller Magazine

The stories in Heller Magazine show the breadth and depth of our community, their work and the issues they care about. In the cover story we welcome academic advocate David Weil, workplace and labor policy expert and former Obama appointee, as the school’s dean.

Download an accessible PDF of the Magazine

Cover of the Heller Viewbook with image of Heller building at twilight

Heller Viewbook

One mission. A million motivations. The Heller viewbook outlines those graduate degree programs in which you'll develop the broad knowledge and focused skills to serve the communities you care deeply about and have a positive impact on our society.