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Rooms and Equipment Tips

Rooms at Heller

Review the layout of the Heller classrooms and breakout rooms.

Zinner Forum
Capacity 70 seated
A/V equipment built in
Need your own laptop

Click here to review Zinner Forum instructions and reservation related information.

Classrooms: (A/V equipment built in)

SCH G1 - Altman Amphitheater (capacity 45)

SCH G2 - Flat Classroom (45)
Note: Overhead projector in G2 closet

SCH G3 - Shonkoff Amphitheater (45)

SCH G4 - Glynn Amphitheater (76)

HB G47 - Computer Classroom (40)
Note: Has 28 personal computers

HB 163 - Flat Classroom (40)
Note: Overhead projector on ceiling

Breakout Rooms: (Has screen, VCR, and DVD player built in - need your own laptop)

SCH Breakout Rooms G5 (Danziger), G6 (Pokross), G7 (Ziv) (capacity 8-10)

HB Breakout Room G53 (18-20)

HB Breakout Room G54, G55 (12-14)

Conference Rooms: (No A/V equipment)

SCH Conference Room 101 (capacity 10-12)

HB Conference Room 382 (6-8)

HB Conference Room 267 (6-8)

Equipment Tips:

  • Reset the room layout as you found it.
  • Log out and turn off computers after you're finished using them.
  • To resolve problems with equipment contact Brandeis Media Technology Services (x6-4632).
  • Do not remove the wireless microphones and lapel microphones. These are programmed to work only in the rooms where they are located; they do not travel. If you need additional lapel microphones or wireless microphones, you must make a reservation through Media Technology Services (x6-4632).
  • There are a limited number of laptops and LCD projectors available for Heller faculty, staff and student use in the small conference rooms. Contact Student Services with special reservation requests.  Laptops and other computer accessories can also be borrowed from Brandeis' main library.  For more information please visit LTS' website:
  • Do not ever attempt to move the podiums in the Zinner Forum and classrooms or tables in breakout rooms G53, G54 and G55. They are not portable and you will damage the connectors.
  • Properly turn off the LCD and projectors when you are finished using them. (Select 'Projector controls,' then select 'power off'). Allow them time to cool and turn off (this process takes approximately 60 seconds). Not only will this extend the life of the equipment, but it will help conserve valuable energy.
  • Laptop users - Turn on the LCD projector before connecting and powering up your laptop. Once the laptop powers up, choose the 'laptop' option on the touch screen. If you cannot get the media equipment to read your laptop display, hold down the 'function' and 'f8' keys at the same time. If that doesn't work, rebooting the laptop should resolve the issue.
  • Return the wireless mouse to the charger stand located on the sliding tray in the podium at the end of each presentation.
  • The A/V equipment is very delicate and costly. Do not place chalk, food, or beverages of any kind on the podiums at any time.

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