As a consultant now, having the Team Consulting Project experience was immensely valuable. I'm very confident interacting with clients, meeting tight deadlines and working with a diverse set of colleagues to provide high quality work. 

--Nicole McCauley, MBA'16, analyst at Deloitte

Team Consulting Project

Members of the 2015 City of Somerville TCP Team posing together
The 2015 City of Somerville TCP Team.

The Heller MBA program culminates in the Team Consulting Project, a real-world, practical experience providing students with the opportunity to apply their analytical and problem-solving skills to help an organization or business unit more effectively pursue its social mission.

Working under the supervision of a faculty advisor in teams of three to five, students provide consulting services to a mission-driven organization over a four-month period. Students have the opportunity to self-organize into teams and select from among a wide variety of organizations in the for-profit, nonprofit and public sectors. Together, they tackle a management challenge, conduct sophisticated analyses, and submit recommendations. The TCP is accompanied by a workshop series and culminates in a formal presentation and report. 

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