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Dual MBA/MS in Global Health Policy and Management


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Nonprofit Management and Global Health Policy and Management

Have you ever been working overseas or here in the United States, and found yourself frustrated because the project you are working on is not being managed appropriately?

Do you wish you had more formal training in the area of operations so that you might more optimally implement a crucial program to improve health care outcomes?

Have you ever sat in a management meeting and wished you knew more about how to develop a strategic plan or interpret the financials of an organization?

Learn all these skills in the Heller MBA/MS program. This unique degree combination delivers the requisite skillset to optimally lead domestic and global health care initiatives so YOU can make a difference.

Critical management skills related to health care project implementation are essential to global health care project/program directors, and other leaders in this field, to both save lives and improve the well-being of underserved populations. Enhancing these skills with knowledge of the principles of economics and management underlying health care systems will well position you to be an impactful change agent.

Learn about cutting edge projects being implemented in health systems around the world along with strategic thinking and leadership skills from passionate thought leaders of today – academic researchers who are in the trenches on a daily basis committed to solving the world’s most pressing problems. 


The dual MBA/MS is an intensive two-year program that requires 84 credit hours (56 credits in the MBA program and 14 credits in the MS-GHPM program) usually taken over five consecutive semesters, as well as an MBA Team Consulting Project (TCP). Students develop the skills and judgment to mobilize people from diverse backgrounds and deliver quality services while using resources efficiently. Students gain the preparation to lead organizations to financial health and accountability, while studying health policy with an international community of students from over 50 countries around the world. Below is an example of a plan of study.

Second Year