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Dual MBA/MA in Sustainable International Development


image of dual SID/MBA student Rodrigo Moran

Nonprofit Management and Sustainable International Development

As a top ten school of social policy, our educational mission is to provide passionate and committed individuals from around the world with advanced knowledge and skills for significant roles in social change. Whatever cause you are committed to – ending poverty, improving health policy, protecting the environment, spurring community development, resolving conflict or protecting the rights of women, children and minorities – Heller's unique interdisciplinary approach will prepare you for a fulfilling career finding solutions to society's most pressing social problems.

Recognized by humanitarian organizations, such as the Ford Foundation and the World Bank, as one of the leading programs in sustainable international development, the MA-SID program has an innovative professional curriculum that includes studying with senior researchers and development practitioners. Fully accredited by the AACSB and ranked #2 amongst Boston-area schools by the Aspen Institute, Heller’s unique MBA provides students with the training to address the distinctive management issues facing organizations whose mission is to help underserved and vulnerable populations, or to improve social and environmental outcomes more broadly.


The dual MBA/MA is an intensive two-year program that requires 82 credit hours (52 credits in the MBA program and 30 credits in the MA-SID program) taken over a minimum of five semesters, as well as an MBA Team Consulting Project (TCP), an SID Masters Paper, and an SID Capstone Presentation. The course of study is dependent upon each student’s entrance status into the Heller School. The formula presented below is an example of a plan of study.

First Year

Second Year