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COEX Faculty

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The faculty for the Master's Program in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence consists of experts in the fields of international politics, human rights, ethnic conflict, culture, civil society movements, race relations and dialogue and mediation processes. They are drawn from both Brandeis University and neighboring academic institutions in the Boston area. In addition, the program utilizes visiting international faculty and draws upon the experience of international experts from many of the governmental, intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations working in the field of conflict.

Alain Lempereur

Program Director, Master’s Program in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence; Alan B. Slifka Professor of Conflict Resolution and Coexistence

Expertise: Responsible Leadership, Responsible Negotiation, Humanitarian Negotiation, Mediation, Questioning, Peace, Coexistence, Post-Conflict, Facilitation, Philosophy of Law, Jurisprudence, Legal Rhetoric, Reconciliation, Peace Education.

781-736-3959Schneider 106

Mari Fitzduff

Professor and Founding Director, Master’s Program in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence

Expertise: Peace Processes, Public Policy on Diversity Issues, Professional/Graduate Education Coexistence Issues, Social Psychology of Intercommunal/Intersocietal Conflict, Neuroscience and Conflict, Followership.

781-736-2873Heller-Brown 241

Theodore A. Johnson

Associate Professor of the Practice

Expertise: Coexistence and conflict studies, peacebuilding, conflict and development, negotiation and mediation, international law and international organizations, research methods, diversity, race and inequality.

781-736-5023Heller-Brown 348

Joshua Ellsworth, MA-SID'07


Expertise: Project planning and implementation, theory of change, payment for environmental services (PES) and other environmental economic incentive programs, sustainable agriculture, dynamics of forest disturbance, forest and watershed management and restoration, invasive species prevention and control.

781-736-3885Heller-Brown 155

Isabella Jean, MA-COEX'06

Adjunct Lecturer

Expertise: Conflict-sensitivity, peacebuilding effectiveness, program design, monitoring and evaluation methods, accountability and feedback loops, conflict, coexistence, democracy and education in multi-ethnic societies.

Anaide Nahikian '04

Adjunct Lecturer

Expertise: Disaster management, capacity building.

Mihaela Papa


Expertise: Environmental Policy, Climate Change, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Coalitions, Regulatory Crises, Global Governance, Rising Powers - BRICS, International Institutions, Diplomacy.

Pierrette Quintiliani

Adjunct Lecturer

Expertise: International field emergency, relief operations, conflict prevention, international humanitarian law.

David Steele

Adjunct Lecturer

Expertise: Conflict transformation, peacebuilding, countering violent extremism, interfaith dialogue, problem solving, historical conciliation, integration of Western and indigenous reconciliation processes, training and capacity-building of indigenous communities, conflict assessment, post-conflict reconstruction.

Steven L. Burg

Adlai Stevenson Professor of International Politics

Expertise: Comparative politics; Ethnic politics; Balkan politics; Ethnic conflict and conflict management.

781-736-2752Olin-Sang 108

Cynthia Cohen

Director, Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts

Expertise: Leader of action/reflection research projects; nexus of the arts, culture, justice and peace; aesthetic and ethical dimensions of peacebuilding; conflict resolution, women's studies and education.

781-736-2133Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex 321

Shai Feldman

Judy and Sidney Swartz Director, Crown Center for Middle East Studies and Professor of Politics

Expertise: Nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, conflict and peacemaking in the Middle East.

781-736-5321Lemberg Hall 201