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Financial Assistance and Tuition

Funding your graduate degree may be the biggest investment you ever make in yourself and your career, and the Heller School is committed to helping you navigate the process.  Data has shown that graduate school can make a difference in an individual’s level of success, but it is essential that you have a plan in place to finance your education.  All master’s degree students should expect to finance their own living expenses and a portion of their tuition.

The Heller School offers a range of merit-based scholarships and can direct you to outside scholarships, loans and payment plans.  All of these resources are explained in detail on this website.

Heller Scholarships

Heller offers generous merit-based scholarships.  Every applicant is considered for a merit-based scholarship, and will be notified of his or her award at the time of admission. 

Outside Scholarships

It is important to start your research on outside scholarships early.  We offer an extensive list for you to explore, but we suggest that you also do an extensive web search yourself using related search words (graduate school aid, scholarship opportunities, international student loans, etc.).  Think about how you identify yourself.  This can lead to some smaller pockets of money that are designated to specific groups available through advocacy organizations and/or foundations.  Some examples are women’s organizations and ethnic organizations.

International Students

The Education USA office in your country is the best source of scholarships for students from your country who would like to study in the United States.  

Borrow Smart (Student Loans and Payment Plan)

Use the Borrow Smart tool available on the Student Financial Services website.  Be realistic about all your options.  Not everyone finds a way to fully fund their graduate education through scholarships.  Explore loan options as well as scholarship opportunities.  Borrow Smart allows you to see the different repayment schedules each loan offers.

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