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Cost of Attendance

Using exact costs and estimates supplied by the Heller School will help you develop a realistic budget for graduate school. All students in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are required to carry an approved health insurance policy. Please note that the cost of attendance does not include any scholarships or financial aid that may be awarded. Students should anticipate a 3-5% annual increase in tuition costs for future years.

Tuition, Fees And Living Expenses

Fall 2017–Spring 2018 Academic Year (August–May):

Full-time Tuition for MBA and MBA Dual Degree Programs: $49,596
Full-time Tuition for all other Heller Programs: $49,250
Required Fees: $529
Required Health Insurance: $3,164
Rent and Food: $13,796
Books and Supplies: $1,432
Personal Expenditures: $3,360
Transportation: $2,048

Single Course Tuition (Part-time Students): $5,648
Single Module Tuition (Part-time Students): $2,824

Tuition Payment Schedule

Full-time tuition is billed per semester. Fall semester bills are due in early August and spring semester bills are due in early January.

Payment Options

All student billing is handled by Brandeis University's Office of Student Financial Services. Learn more about available payment options here.

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