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Webinar: Perinatal Health of Women with Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesPerinatal Health of Women with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

October 12, 2022

Facilitated by Nicole Lomerson and Anne Valentine

Too often the reproductive health experiences and outcomes of women with disabilities are overlooked. On October 12, 2022, the National Center for Disability and Pregnancy Research (NCDPR) held a webinar about perinatal health and outcomes of women with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Parent panelist Lindsay Brillhart shared her pregnancy and parenting experiences, joined by Lurie research associates Nicole Lomerson and Anne Valentine. Guided by a disability justice framework, the presentation discussed the needs and concerns of pregnant people with IDD and policies and programs to enhance their reproductive health and well-being. This webinar was designed with Maternal and Child Health students and early career professionals in mind.

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Disabled Parents in the NICU

June 7, 2022

Moderated by Nicole Lomerson

What can happen when a parent with a disability faces a lengthy stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with their baby? This webinar featured two disabled parent panelists (Kristie Lewis and Patrick Cokely) whose babies were born prematurely and were admitted to the NICU. The panelists shared their stories about the challenges and successes they encountered during that time when navigating an environment that is not at all built with disability in mind. Our parent panelists also explored the role that implicit bias and ableism may have had in interactions with their babies' care team, and in parenting their babies in the NICU. Our faculty speaker, Dr. Paige Church of Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, spoke about the ingrained nature of implicit bias within the NICU, how this can adversely affect families, and how we can better care for families headed by disabled parents during this most vulnerable time.

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How Prospective Parents with Disabilities Can Prepare for Parenthood

This webinar focuses on strategies for prospective parents with disabilities to prepare themselves and their families for parenthood. Presenters discuss the initial considerations of conception and adoption, and explore preliminary consultation in order to identify disability-affirmative service providers. Participants learn how to identify peer support among disability parenting communities to utilize for advice and support. The early identification of adaptive parenting tools and resources is emphasized. Held in April 2018.

Hosts: Kara Ayers, PhD, and Erin Andrews, PsyD., ABPP

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