Additional Second-Year Options

In addition to fieldwork, COEX students can choose to participate in one of the following options during their second year in the program.

COEX Concentration Semester Program

The COEX Concentration Semester adds an additional semester to the year and a half year program, making it two years. Conflict spans every aspect of our society—across groups, nations, and regions of the world covering a multitude of social, economic, and political sectors. To address this expanding ethos and to best prepare our students to tackle the issues of tomorrow, the Conflict Resolution and Coexistence program has launched the COEX Concentration Semester Program. This program is structured to incorporate an additional semester of concentration coursework beyond the degree requirements for the general Conflict Resolution and Coexistence degree program. Students may complete a concentration in Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Management.

Exchange program: COEX and Uppsala University, Sweden

Students may undertake an exchange program in the fall semester of year two, as part of the practicum. Our special exchange program with the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University allows COEX students to study for a semester in Sweden during the fall of their second year (as they write their master’s paper or thesis) or during the spring of year two as part of an enrichment semester with the possibility of conducting their practicum in Sweden while taking research methods courses, independent studies with faculty, and PhD coursework at Uppsala University. COEX students will benefit from cutting-edge peace research of the Uppsala researchers and faculty, who can lend guidance in the writing of their master’s paper and thesis.

Exchange program: COEX and Collegium Civitas, Poland

Students may undertake an exchange program in the fall semester of year two, as part of the practicum. The special exchange program with Collegium Civitas allows COEX students to study for a semester in Warsaw, Poland, in the Human Rights and Genocide Studies program. The MA in Human Rights and Genocide Studies is part of the Graduate Programs in English at Collegium Civitas, which also offers students the chance to study diplomacy, international relations, international business and negotiation, global affairs, and social marketing.