Graduate Program in Coexistence and Conflict

The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University

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COEX Degree

The program requires that a student take seven courses and complete a master's field project.  It involves full-time residency at Brandeis from September to May, followed by nonresident or continuation status from May to December while undertaking the master's project.

Degree requirements include:

Required Core Courses (7 courses)

Core Electives (at least two courses)

Elective Courses (two courses)

Students choose two electives from a preapproved list and/or other relevant courses with permission of the director. For elective possibilities, please consult the Brandeis Bulletin.

Master's Fieldwork

Following an academic year at Brandeis (September to May) students will undertake a three-month internship or independent fieldwork. The project concludes with a master's field paper written under the supervision of a faculty mentor, to be completed by December.

Knowledge Advancing Social Justice

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