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Heller Diversity Initiative Mission Statement

The Heller School is a vibrant academic learning community of scholars, students and staff dedicated to creating a welcoming environment that builds and supports respectful dialogue across group and individual differences in every aspect of our work and social interactions. We seek to ensure a safe and inclusive environment in which community members respect and value the perspective and contribution of all others. In the pursuit of the Heller mission, Knowledge Advancing Social Justice, we are committed to diversity and equity in our research institutes, academic programs, policies, and community relationships.

The Heller School endorses a broad definition of diversity reflective of differences that include but are not limited to: age, race, ethnicity, language, nationality, culture, economic status and background, gender, sexual orientation and identity, religion, political views, academic background and interests, abilities, learning styles and pace, physical appearance, and individual personality.

Heller Diversity Steering Committee

  • Laurie Nsiah-Jeferson '80, PhD '06 (Co-chair)
    Senior Scientist and Senior Lecturer
  • Mary Brooks, MA/SID '03 (Co-chair)
    Assistant Director, Students and Community Relations
  • Lisette Anzoategui, MA-SID/COEX '15
  • Michael Appell, MA '79
    Senior Lecturer and Assistant Director, Heller MBA Program
  • Janet Boguslaw
    Senior Scientist, Senior Lecturer and Associate Director, Heller MPP Program
  • Diana Bowser
    Scientist, Lecturer and Director, MS Program in International Health Policy and Management
  • Cathy Burack
    Senior Fellow
  • Joan Dassin '69
    Director, MA in Sustainable International Development
  • Lynn Davis
    Assistant Dean, Admissions
  • Michael Doonan, PhD '02
    Associate Professor and Director, Heller MPP Program
  • Donna Einhorn
    Senior Program Coordinator
  • Marion Howard, MA/SID '04
    Associate Professor of the Practice and Associate Director, MA in Sustainable International Development
  • Ted Johnson
    Assistant Professor
  • Walter Leutz, PhD '81
  • Linnea Löf, MSF '01
    Assistant Dean, Career Development
  • Sharra Owens-Schwartz, MBA '10
    Assistant Director, Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
  • Susan Parish
    Nancy Lurie Marks Professor of Disability Policy; Director, Lurie Institute for Disability Policy; and Associate Dean, Research
  • Max Pearlstein '01
    Director of Communications

Knowledge Advancing Social Justice

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