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Diversity at Heller: Promoting Excellence, Driving Social Change

At the Heller School, we believe that diversity and inclusion play a critical role in helping us achieve excellence in our research initiatives, academic programs, policies and community relationships. As part of Heller's mission to drive positive social change, we seek to foster a safe and inclusive environment where community members respect and value the perspectives and contributions of all others.

We strive to cultivate an environment that champions diversity, equity and inclusion in multiple dimensions, including pedagogy and curriculum, research, faculty development and systems review of our policies and procedures. No matter how much progress we make, our efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive society will always be evolving.

Heller's Diversity Mission

The Heller School is a vibrant academic learning community of scholars, students and staff dedicated to creating a welcoming environment that builds and supports respectful dialogue across group and individual differences in every aspect of our work and social interactions. We seek to ensure a safe and inclusive environment in which community members respect and value the perspective and contribution of all others. We are committed to diversity, inclusion and equity in our research institutes, academic programs, policies and community relationships.

The Heller School endorses a broad definition of diversity reflective of differences that include but are not limited to: age, race, ethnicity, language, nationality, culture, economic status and background, gender and gender expression, sexual orientation and identity, religion, political views, academic background and interests, abilities, learning styles and pace, physical appearance, and individual personality. It is the responsibility of each and every member of the Heller community to acknowledge the meaningful differences that inform each individual's identity, and to uphold and defend our shared values as we strive to create a more equitable future for all. Our mission is buttressed through Heller's Diversity Pledge.

Our Commitment to Diversity Has Deep Roots in Brandeis History

Justice Louis D. Brandeis served as an outspoken defender of social justice and equality. As the first Jewish Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Brandeis had a personal understanding of what it means to challenge and surmount the social and professional barriers that result from prejudice and bias. Strategies focused on promoting inclusion and addressing bias have been a key part of the institutional ethos at Brandeis since the university's inception; the Heller School's commitment to diversity reflects those same ideals and values.

Knowledge Advancing Social Justice

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