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The Heller Events team is here to improve communication about Heller events, to provide guidance or advice as you plan an event and to coordinate event scheduling across all Heller departments. Submit an Event Request Form for any event that will take place in the Heller School in order for your event to be approved and a room reserved.

Note: You should not schedule an event without first submitting a request form. Therefore do not confirm a speaker or event until you have received confirmation on the date, time and space from the Events team.

The Events team does not plan events for you but can streamline the room booking and advertising process, guide you in addressing the finer details of your event, and check that no major conflicts exist – ensuring your event's success. We want to confirm that the date will work for your event and that an appropriate space is available.

You may contact the Heller Events team at any time for advice about events or booking space at the Heller School.

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