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A Hole in the Heart of Anti-Racism Training by Chloe Valdary

A Relational Approach to Workforce Diversity Management by Olawale Olaleye et al 


Interprofessional collaboration remains a challenge in the healthcare workplace, compounded by an increasingly diverse workforce.  In recognition of these dual challenges, healthcare professionals now receive training in both interprofessional collaboration and diversity.  Relational coordination theory suggests that effective management of both professional and social diversity requires the capability to build high quality relationships across differences.  In addition, recent research suggests that professional and social diversity are two types of diversity that intersect, creating the phenomenon of invisible work and posing obstacles to achieving desired outcomes.  We report on the development of an innovative pedagogical approach that combines interprofessional and diversity training, informed by existing research and findings from 15 semi-structured interviews of experts in interprofessional education, diversity training and relational coordination.  We describe the resulting curriculum called “Relating Across Differences” that is designed to build high quality relationships across both professional and social diversity, embedded in the quality improvement context.  We share participant feedback on key elements of this curriculum from an early pilot.