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The Heller Community

The Heller School is a rich and diverse community of 6 degree programs, several dual and joint degree programs and important research institutes and centers within a close social community. The school offers a wide range of academic offerings in various aspects of social policy and management towards social justice.

Extra-curricular Community-building

Heller is a welcoming and inclusive home for students, faculty and staff. The school is vibrant with outside-the-classroom academic, socio-cultural, and professional learning opportunities. The semesters are filled with guest speakers and events.

Please visit the Heller Events Calendar for a full listing of exciting opportunities to engage with the Heller community.

Each year we become a strong and close community in a variety of ways. Examples include:

  • Monthly Coffee with the Dean
  • Dean’s Open Office Hours
  • Town Halls
  • All-Heller and Program Town Meetings
  • Heller Culture Dinners (students share regional home cooked food and culture)
  • Cultural Exchange Program with BOLLI life-long learners
  • Academic Poster Sessions on faculty, student and staff research findings
  • Tuesday Talks invites Heller researchers and faculty to share their recent work
  • Author Talks: Heller authors on their recently published books
  • Degree Program Capstone events
  • Experts and practitioners frequently visit the Heller school and give public talks
  • Career Development Center sponsored events
  • Working Group events
  • Periodic diversity training opportunities
  • A winter break listserv and activities budget for community in-between semesters
  • Student travel to the UN and to Washington, DC during the spring break

Student Working Groups  

Working Groups at the Heller School, sponsored by the Academic and Student Services, provide students an outside-the-classroom opportunity to work together with other students, faculty, and staff who share a commitment and common interest in an issue related to some part of Heller’s mission.  Working Groups often form around issues that cut across many or all of Heller’s degree programs.  Some Working Groups carry over from academic year to academic year. These groups have continuity and are ready to begin their activity when school commences in late August.  Other Working Groups form during the year as new student interests emerge. Learn more about Student Working Groups.

Community Values

The Heller community is established on practiced values of integrity, diversity, safety and respect. The Heller School upholds standards of integrity and fulfills its mission of Knowledge Advancing Social Justice within a culture that welcomes, includes, respects, and values every community member and recognizes the dignity of every human being. Heller community members carry diversity values and develop multicultural competencies and the school is committed to maintaining a safe, courteous and supportive environment in which every member is free from harassment of any kind and able to work and learn in safety.

Academic Integrity

Every member of the Heller community shares the responsibility for protecting the academic integrity of the institution. Therefore, each of us must become familiar with the guidelines for independently and honestly preparing academic work. Each student is expected to turn in work completed independently, except when assignments specifically authorize collaborative effort. It is not acceptable to use the words or ideas of another person – be it a world-class philosopher or your roommate – without proper acknowledgement of that source. This means that you must cite the sources of ideas and words in your paper and link the in-text citation to your source material’s full bibliographic information in the reference section at the end of your paper. And you must use quotation marks for any words in your paper taken from a source – phrases, sentences, or paragraphs in published volumes, on the internet, or created by another student.

Most Heller professors require APA citation style in written work. All incoming students are required to take an academic integrity and citation management workshop.

The Citation Management website created by Brandeis librarians is a convenient portal to citation resources: http://brandeis.libguides.com/content.php?pid=10580&sid=99216

Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct for Brandeis University students and community members is defined in a document entitled Rights and Responsibilities. This document is found at: http://www.brandeis.edu/studentaffairs/srcs/rr/

The Department of Student Rights and Community Standards manages the Student Conduct Process. http://www.brandeis.edu/studentaffairs/srcs/index.html

Teaching and Mentoring and Staff Awards

In the spring semester students have the opportunity to nominate professors for teaching and mentoring awards and staff members for a service award. Help the community recognize excellence.

Knowledge Advancing Social Justice

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