The Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy

Dr. David Shane Lowry

Visiting Senior Fellow

Dr. David Shane Lowry is an anthropologist, author and lecturer. At the Sillerman Center, his research related to American philanthropy is, in part, an extension of his book project Lumbee Pipelines, forthcoming from University of Nebraska Press. This book explores American Indian utilization of colonial conditions to create opportunities that are both uplifting and oppressive. 

Most recently, Dr. Lowry was a distinguished fellow in Native American Studies at MIT. At MIT, Dr. Lowry led a new conversation about the responsibilities of MIT (and science/technology education, more generally) in the theft of American Indian land and the dismantling of American Indian health and community. Since 2012, David has lectured across the United States and led conversations at the intersection of race, (health) science & popular culture. In addition to Lumbee Pipelines, he is collaborating with MIT Press on a book titled Indigenous MIT. Someday, he would like to write an ethnography of Michael Jordan (they shared the same anthropology advisor at UNC - 23 years apart).