Executive Education Program


Please note that testimonials with titles included were reviewed and approved by the participant. Testimonials without titles were submitted anonymously as part of our evaluation process.

From Our Surgeons

"The total immersion in the subject for an entire week was very effective and allowed participants to systematically challenge the conventional wisdom and their own thinking. The course was very well-organized and the faculty excellent."
- Chief of Trauma and Critical Care Surgery

"I found the Brandeis Leadership Program in Health Policy and Management to be of phenomenal quality. The mix of case study and lecture, the discussion format, and the interchange between faculty members and attendees made for a fantastic learning environment. I feel my time in the program was well spent. I cannot recommend the program enough."
- Associate Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery

 "As surgeons, we are trained to lead and think in a very specific way, but to be effective in the health policy and wider health-care professional environment we need other ways of approaching and analyzing problems. This course definitely provides some of those tools."
- Associate Professor, Department of Neurology

"My purpose in attending the course was to gain a better understanding of the direction health policy is heading so that I could be of service to my hospital, state chapter, and college. In the words of the great Wayne Gretzky, I want to be able to ‘skate to where the puck is going to be.' I am pleased to say that the course easily fulfilled that expectation."
- Chairman of Surgery and Program Director, General Surgery Residency Program

 "The program provided insights, knowledge, and skills that my colleagues do not possess...thus giving me an advantage."
- Surgeon

"I now have a clearer understanding of health policy and payment reform, coupled with an improved understanding of operational strategy, which has helped me to leverage clinical expertise and perspective to influence the focus and perspective of the operational management to embrace a change in the model of care."
- Surgeon

From Our Physicians

 "This was an excellent program! It attracted a wide variety of MDs in different practice arenas. The speakers were all very knowledgeable. Professor Altman is an outstanding speaker and not to be missed."
- Physician

"The program gave me some tools to begin my future learning in health policy. Introduced some concepts in a way I had not previously examined."
- Physician

 "The program gave me new insight into the current state of health care economics in our state and country."

From Our Nurse Executives

 "By attending this program, I was able to understand the current issues with healthcare reform and drug policy on the national level. I was challenged every day and excited to implement the strategies upon returning to work. I would recommend this to any leader trying to understand and improve their role."
-Nurse Executive

"Professor Altman's presentations were very relevant to the programs my company offers. ... Professor Chilingerian's presentations gave me invaluable insight into the type of manager I am, how to recognize others' styles, and how to work well together."
-Nurse Executive

 "My ability to work with staff and improve their leadership was greatly improved by the program."
-Nurse Executive