Executive Education Program

Our Programs

THE EXECUTIVE EDUCATION PROGRAM at the Heller School empowers executives with concepts and tools needed to impact policy and improve performance. Our programs provide concepts and tools that will help you to measure, assess, and benchmark performance, and build commitment to operational excellence. The interactive sessions build on your existing expertise and experience, and spark new ideas and skills in a collegial environment with your peers.

The Heller Advantage

Our unique advantage is that we collaborate with clients to create tailored programs to meet organizational performance goals. Our faculty lead programs on our campus and around the world.

Since 2005, the Executive Education Program at Brandeis has been working with its partners and clients to offer advanced leadership programs, primarily in health policy and management. Annually we offer our flagship Leadership Program for Health Policy and Management. We also work with client organizations from China, Russia, and the United States to meet their performance and continuing education goals.