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Leadership Program for Health Policy and Management (BHLP)

June 2 - 8, 2019

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Since 2004, the Heller School has offered an annual Leadership Program in Health Policy and Management for 30 to 35 physician and surgeon leaders partially sponsored by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the Thoracic Surgery Foundation.

This intensive one-week program equips health leaders with the knowledge and skills essential for

  • Creating innovative and sustainable solutions to improve the quality, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency of health care service delivery, and
  • Participating in health care policy and reform.

Program sessions and case studies offer the latest in national health policy and management frameworks. Program content is developed under the guidance of

The program draws on the unique strengths of the Heller School and the Schneider Institutes for Health Policy.

Sample Program Topics

  • U.S. Health Policy: Economics and Financing
  • Individual and Group Decision Making
  • Managing Clinics and the Care Process
  • Effective Leadership Styles
  • Managing Change in Complex Systems
  • Conflict Negotiation
  • Financial Literacy for Physician Leaders


"I found the Brandeis program to be of phenomenal quality. The mix of case study and lecture, the discussion format, and the interchange between faculty and attendees made for a fantastic learning environment. I feel my time at the program was well spent, and it was one of the higher-yield periods of course work that I have participated in as a neurosurgeon. I cannot recommend the program enough."==Associate Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery

"As surgeons, we are trained to lead and think in a very specific way, but to be effective in the health policy and wider health care professional environment we need other ways of approaching and analyzing problems. This course definitely provides some of those tools." ==Associate Professor, Department of Urology

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