Executive Education Program

Day 2 Session Design (6 hours)

  • Welcome and check in (30 min.)
  • Keynote and dialogue on "New Frontiers in Labor Law" by Wilma Liebman (with Q&A) (30 min.)
  • Bargaining simulation – choice of manufacturing or service simulation (120 min.)
  • Break (20 min.)
  • Keynote and dialogue on “Facilitation, Mediation, Conciliation, and Arbitration” by Javier Ramirez (30 min.)
  • Special focus on dignity, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility at work (30 min.)
  • Break (20 min.)
  • Special focus on establishing ground rules, chartering of sub-committees, and other pre-bargaining logistics (30 min.)
  • Keynote and dialogue on the "Bargaining over new technology in the workplace" by Søren Viemose (30 min.)
  • Concluding keynote and dialogue on “Collective Bargaining as an Engine of Innovation” by Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld (20 min.)
  • Concluding comments (10 min.)