Racial Justice x Technology Policy

Digital Divide & Educational Access

The TS2 Project aims to address inequitable access to technology and the internet by pairing a US student and a Rwandan Tech catalyst to design and conduct a landscape analysis of the computer skills, facility and systems readiness, and policy. We will also develop a Digital Divide Scorecard, a standardized tool to assess and visualize current gaps and inform local and global Tech policies and strategies to address the persistent digital divide. Secondly, we will develop and implement an integrated computer literacy curriculum for primary students, teachers, and unemployed HS and University graduates, targeting STEM. As a result, students, teachers, and unemployed graduates will have unlocked potential to pass qualifying exams and contribute to the market demands for a computer literate workforce.

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Digital Divide & Educational Access Team

Anatole Manzi, PhD, MPhil, MS

Director of Clinical Practice and Quality Improvement for Partners In Health amanzi@pih.org

Sydney Henderson

Sydney Henderson

The Heller School, MA, SID/MS, GHPM sydneyhenderson@brandeis.edu