Racial Justice x Technology Policy

Knowledge Production

At RJxTP, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between racial justice and technology policy by providing cutting-edge educational tools and resources to scholars across Heller, Brandeis, and the broader community. Our focus is on exploring the impact of technology on racial determinants of inequity and addressing crucial topics such as data privacy, algorithmic bias, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and more.

Our Achievements

Over the past year, we have conducted five school-wide and global workshops/webinars that have engaged over 200 students, including high school, undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students. Additionally, 15 faculty members and nine expert technical professionals have participated as mentors, guiding students and offering advice on project development. Through these initiatives, we have laid a strong foundation for micro-credentialing, recognizing the importance of equipping individuals with specific knowledge and skills relevant to addressing technology's adverse effects on underrepresented communities.

What Sets Us Apart

At RJxTP, we believe that knowledge is the key to resolving disparities in technology's use and impact on racial justice. To achieve this, we are committed to developing and implementing professional seminars, workshops, and micro-credentials. These educational offerings are designed for both students and early/mid-career professionals, empowering them to excel in racial justice, technology policy, and STEM fields.

Our Micro-Credentials

We are working diligently to align RJxTP's mission with Heller's objectives. Our goal is to establish RJxTP micro-credentials, which will be piloted starting the summer of 2023. These credentials will provide targeted knowledge and skills to combat algorithmic biases and their impact on marginalized communities.

Designed for All

Our micro-credentials are not limited to traditional students but are also accessible to early-career and mid-career professionals seeking to enhance their expertise. These digital credentials and badges will be essential for employability in a tech-driven job market. Moreover, the RJxTP micro-credentials will be stackable, allowing individuals to accumulate multiple credentials over time, leading to a certificate or even a degree.

Partnerships and Sustainability

During the initial phase, we forged valuable partnerships with internal and external stakeholders, aligning our mission with strategic goals. Through training from Paperclip's micro-credentialing 101 program, our team has honed its capabilities to ensure the successful realization of our objectives. To guarantee the long-term value of our credentials, we are actively conducting labor market analytics to meet industry standards and competency frameworks.

The Future

As we move forward, we are excited to pilot a couple of RJxTP micro-credentials in the summer pilot program. Additionally, we will continue to host informative pro-seminars and webinars, advancing the crucial intersection of racial justice and technology policy.

Join us in shaping a future where technology and racial justice unite harmoniously. Explore our innovative micro-credentials and educational offerings to gain the expertise needed to make a meaningful impact. Together, let's create a world where equity, inclusion, and technology go hand in hand.