Racial Justice x Technology Policy


Welcome to the RJxTP Incubator Lab/Research Lab, where we foster interdisciplinary collaboration and cutting-edge research to address critical topics related to technology's impact on communities of color. Our mission is to advance knowledge and develop policies that promote racial justice in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Rather than just incubating research teams, we have discovered that facilitating collaboration among these teams is a more efficient approach. We bring together diverse experts from various fields to tackle pressing issues, such as algorithmic bias, through innovative research projects. To gauge interest and explore potential solutions, we initiated five intergenerational research teams focusing on algorithmic discriminations/biases in education, mortgage lending, health, environment, and the criminal legal system.

At RJxTP, we are committed to providing opportunities for students of color. In our first year, we funded 23 students, empowering them to contribute to groundbreaking research. Additionally, we secured commitments from three nationally recognized algorithmic bias researchers and policy professionals who provide invaluable technical guidance to our teams.

Our flagship initiative, the RJxTP Awards, served as the cornerstone of our first year. This initiative brought together students and faculty from Heller and UMass Boston, partnering with organizations such as Partners in Health, Move Up Global, Affirmation Education, and iThrive Games. Guided by expert technical advisors, the research teams embarked on a six-month journey to design projects that explore the intersections of racial justice and tech policy. The technical advisors mentored the teams on research questions, design, and potential policy implications. The culminating event, the RJxTP Awards, provided an opportunity for the teams to present their work and receive feedback from the technical advisors.

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