Doctor of Philosophy in Social Policy

Student Research Stories

Our PhD students are examining every aspect of social policy, such as the prevalence of housing insecurity, the effects of bilingual education and the impact of COVID-19 on marginalized populations. Read more about their work:

Robyn Powell

Robyn Powell, PhD'20

Children, Youth and Families Concentration

Diana Serrano

Diana Serrano, PhD'19

Children, Youth and Families Concentration

Giselle Routhier, Heller PhD candidate

Giselle Routhier, PhD'21

Economic and Racial Equity Concentration (formerly the Assets and Inequalities Concentration)

Yaminette Diaz-Linhart

Yaminette Diaz-Linhart, PhD candidate

Health Concentration

Tim Creedon

Tim Creedon, PhD'19

Behavioral Health Concentration