Institute for Economic and Racial Equity

Our Work

Racial Justice x Tech Policy

Technology increasingly impacts how people live their lives and the outcomes they face. The Racial Justice x Tech Policy project is driven by several research teams within the Institute of Economic and Racial Equity (IERE). We evaluate the evolving challenges of algorithmic bias, barriers to diversity in STEM careers, and contribute to redefining civil rights in an increasingly data-driven society. Our first year includes an RJxTP Awards event with our partners at the Kapor Center to fund new projects that will influence innovative policies. We’re excited for the potential of the Racial Justice x Tech Policy program and the positive change our collective knowledge will bring.

Racial Wealth and Economic Equity

IERE's research demonstrates that racial wealth inequality is not simply a matter of disparate access to resources and assets. Rather, people with similar accomplishments in homeownership, income, and college education experience differences in financial gain by race. In large part, this is attributable to an advantage that many white families have in the form of assets. This head start allows young adults to grow their wealth dramatically over their lifetimes, contributing to a substantial racial wealth gap nationwide.

Work and Opportunity Pathways

For most people in the United States, work continues to be a primary source of income and identity. Yet increasingly, families and communities find that the work and wealth pathways of the past have shifted. We are becoming more aware of the patterns of opportunity and exclusion that shape these pathways. IERE research seeks to deepen our understanding of the factors that break down work and wealth pathways in our economy, as well as investigate models of employer-employee relations that strengthen these pathways.

Housing and Community Stability

The history of racial segregation in the United States has led to ongoing and entrenched inequality of access to these community resources. Many social policies continue to structure opportunities by race and class, perpetuating these inequalities. As policy proposals that will further privatize community resources loom on the horizon, IERE seeks to research new policies that would distribute opportunity more equitably, and to understand how we can leverage community power and assets to better protect families.

Image of a stethoscope on top of a stack of books

Health and Life-Course Equity

Access to quality physical and mental health services is critical; however, health disparities run rampant through U.S. society. The goal of our work in health and life-course equity is to provide research evidence of both the barriers to health and life-course equity and the solutions to health inequities and intergenerational life-course obstacles. Our current and upcoming work includes research on biases in health and medical research, vaccine access and hesitancy, and juvenile justice.